Where it all started…

My Mum taught me to crochet when I was quite young. It became a bit of a tradition that every winter we would make things together. Over many years and many winters I have been able to develop my skills, start designing my own patterns and am able to make a wide range of crochet items.

I have learnt that there is so much more to crochet than just scarves, blankets and beanies, and I am absolutely in love! Not just with the beautiful things I'm able to create with nothing more than a hook and a ball of yarn, but with the peace, calm and therapeutic benefits that come with crochet.

I feel as though many people relate crochet to that ugly jumper their Nan made them, that just gets pushed to the back of the cupboard and never worn (unless of course she comes to visit, of course!).

Despite the name, I would like to destroy the stereotype that crochet is just for Nanna's! I hope to keep the art of crochet alive, and one day pass my skills on to my children (and all of you), just as my Mum did for me.

It is my goal to modernise crochet, and create fun stylish designs that you will want to show off!

Kate x